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Licensed Site Professional (LSP) and Massachusetts Contingency Plan Services

When contamination is discovered on properties in Massachusetts, such as residential, commercial, and industrial properties, a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) will need to be hired to determine if cleanup work is required.  BES offers LSP services to manage all required response actions under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP).   BES has extensive experience with the complex regulations of the MCP, and can help guide you and work with you through the regulatory closure process in a most practical and cost-effective manner.  BES always strives to provide clear communications regarding regulatory notification and risk management options when impacts are identified.


Real Estate Due Diligence Services

When purchasing, leasing, financing, or developing a property, understanding the potential environmental issues and managing their overall associated risk is the first step in the real estate due diligence process.  At BES, we have a deep understanding of and experience with all the applicable regulations within the real estate sector.   Based on the property history, BES will develop an appropriate scope of work (i.e., ASTM Transaction Screen, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments) that will be needed to complete the real estate transaction.  BES works directly with buyers, sellers, and lenders, to provide practical, objective evaluations and options while representing our client’s best interests.


Underground Storage Tank Removal and Assessment Services

BES has extensive experience in managing underground storage tank (UST) removal and assessment services for private and public sector clients.  These services may include but not limited to the preparation of UST removal specifications, hiring contractors, providing removal oversight, collection and laboratory analysis of soil samples, disposing of waste materials and contaminated soil, and preparation of UST Closure documents in accordance with state and federal laws.  

In some cases, regulatory notification is required when environmental contamination is discovered during the UST removal process. In these circumstances, BES will often notify the applicable regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients.  

Environmental Media Sampling

BES has been trained in the latest techniques to evaluate, prepare and complete site specific sampling plans in support of environmental site assessments, real estate due diligence, and regulatory closure projects.  BES personnel are trained to sample many different types of environmental media including:  soil, groundwater, non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL), surface water, sediment, soil gas, and air. BES has partnered with independent certified laboratories for performing these analyses to ensure the highest quality assurance to support professional environmental opinions. 


Soil and Groundwater Construction Management

The key to any successful redevelopment project is to know your property and plan ahead.  At BES, we are highly experienced in developing site specific plans for our clients addressing soil and groundwater to ensure regulatory compliance and cost effective management during the redevelopment project.  Whether the excavated soil is reused on site, reused off site, recycled, or disposed, all options have degrees of cost and risk. We also strategically plan with our clients on how the soil and groundwater remediation activities can impact the construction schedule. 

Site Remediation

BES provides a wide range of comprehensive remedial technologies for our clients.   At BES, we pride ourselves on delivering the most practical, cost effective, and time-efficient remedial solutions through collaboration with our clients while meeting strict regulatory guidelines. Our remediation capabilities include remedial investigations, human health and ecological risk assessment, feasibility study and design, construction and operation/maintenance of in-situ and ex-situ remedial systems, and regulatory compliance.  BES personnel in partnership with their environmental remediation service providers have successfully implemented the following types of remedial programs:  


Soil Excavation 
Groundwater pumping and treatment
Sub-slab depressurization
Soil vapor extraction
Air sparging
Chemical oxidation
In-situ/ex-situ stabilization
Monitored natural attenuation


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